Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Value & Value Creation Networking Event

Building Social Capital & Personal Success

Date: March 17th, 2011
Time: 12h00 - 14h00
Venue: In-residence

The Directorate for Trade and Commerce under the FSE & CC is hosting a two-hour networking event today. The event will be in residence, beginning noon to 2pm. The theme for the event is: Building social Capital and Personal Success. Some of the questions to be discussed include:
1.       Why is it that some organisations consistently outperform others, often within the same industry?
2.       Why are some people you know getting ahead faster than others of seemingly similar abilities?
Among the many possible answers to these questions, two stand out. Individuals who get ahead the fastest, have the greatest energy and enthusiasm, and are the happiest typically are those who are the most effective value creators. Organisations, be it a corporation (small or large), a church, a school, or government, that consistently outperform others are those with the most effective value creating individuals.
What represents value differs though from one organisation to another. As an individual value creator, you need to understand or refresh your memory on the value creation context of your organisation, and your specific role in it. As a manager or executive who bears responsibility for increasing value in the organisation, you need to know the factors that create and destroy value at the organisational level.
There is a simple explanation of why people often fail to create value, even though that is what they mean to do. In addition, there is an explanation of why ‘sustained’ value creation does not happen consistently.
This unique opportunity is ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors, and other relevant parties wishing to diversify their networks in the domestic business environment and beyond.
RSVP’s may be sent to Fanele ( or Busi (

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Employer / Business Leader of the Year Awards 2011

Talent Management: The Key to Improving Productivity

Application Deadline:: 18 March 2011
FSE & CC extends a warm invitation to business owners and employers for the inaugural awards appreciating positive leadership efforts in the workpalce.

The role of great leadership by employers and business owners cannot be overstated, especially in a small country working towards a world-class standard of living. The FSE & CC has taken up the initative to honor and encourage excellent leadership practices in the workplace. Our hope is not only to provide exposure for great companies in Swaziland, but also to ignite a spirit of healthy competition in the private sector, and to encourage internal career development for employees.

To highlight and promote the impact of best practice in human resource management, corporate governance and social corporate responsibility, and the effect in driving excellence and stellar performance.

In particular, the EBLYA 2011 provide a framework for what makes a great employer, what motivates employees and how companies can sustain their businesses in a challenging and competitive environment.

Participants will gai invaluable insights into their businesses through a survey analysis conducted by an independent consultant. This data will enable them to identify strengths and weaknesses, information that can be used in improving the workplace. In particular, by identifying intra-investment zones within a company, participants can maximize their positive effect on productivity.

Application Deadline:: 18 March 2011

Please contact Fanele at / or
Call 2404 0768 / 2404 4408 to obtain an application form.